The Power of Nature

Our Mental Health is one of those things that can get forgotten in our recovery, but this aspect carries huge weight in the success of our recovery.  Not only do we need to treat and heal our Mental Health, but we also must maintain our Mental Health through healthy practices.  Now there are many things we can do to have a positive influence on our Mental Health, but I am going to talk about one thing in particular.

The power of nature has more positive influence on my Mental Health than anything else I can think of.  I feel most at peace when I am absorbing the awe inspiring aspect of mother earth and all of her creations.  Here are a few things I would encourage everyone to do when they need a little something extra:

  • Observe weather phenomenon - The Earth’s atmosphere creates some of the most powerful forces we know and they can be amazing to observe!
  • Waterfalls -  Falling water has a calming effect on the brain.
  • Sounds of a forest - Listen to the sounds of a forest and think about how much more there is to life.
  • Enjoy the night sky - Observing the night sky puts into perspective just how big the universe is.
  • Watch the animals - Whether it is birds, deer, squirrels, or whatever; watching animals is enjoyable.
  • Take a hike -  Walking through nature is great for both physical and mental health.

Nature is one of those things that has an unexplainable effect on our mental state.  So step outside in the coming days and enjoy it!