Accountability, with
timeliness and care.

Bridge, the relationship management tool, allows counselors and staff to:

  • Check member activity and react accordingly
  • Prioritize care and personalize support
  • Instant-message counselors, staff, or members
  • Share pertinent resources
  • Post inspirational stories and announcements
  • Analyze member and staff activity
  • Provide EHR and billing accountability
  • Access Bridge while on the go

When using Pathfinder, member engagement increased by 43%.

A day in the life of a peer:

1. Review

Peer notices Member hasn't had a Check-in lately.

2. Connect

Peer texts Member and connects.

3. Share

Peer shares helpful Resource with Member.

4. Meet

Peer schedules and then meets Member in a support session.

5. Document

Peer documents session, submits to EHR and billing.

6. Review

Peer reviews Member's Check-ins, notices positive engagement.

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