Real-time help.
Real-time connection.

Companion, the app, allows a member to:

  • Track progress and build healthy habits
  • Get help in real time
  • Send messages to other members of the group, or to counselors
  • Check in and report how it's going, whether positive or negative
  • Discover and share recovery resources in their community
  • Listen to, watch, or read recovery stories

Companion app configurations

Co-branding with an organization
  • Showcase your community, your brand, your content
  • Bring your community to the forefront
  • Build powerful recognition and trust

Healthy Habits, Resources, and Calendar

  • Members can input their own Healthy Habits
  • Healthy Habits can be tailored to cultural traditions and healings
  • Resources heal the whole person, accessing jobs, food, legal services, and much more
  • The Calendar feature allows Counselors, Staff, Peers, and Members to plan and connect

Check-ins & Stories

  • Add cultural content and iconography with custom content Check-ins
  • Highlight authors within your community with Stories
  • Share cultural and personal content within Stories as well

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