You're not on this road alone

The Pathfinder platform is a people first, community based, outcome driven tool for folks suffering from addiction.
“At NUWAY our belief is that the opposite of addiction is connection. Pathfinder offers our clients additional means to achieve meaningful connection through a modality that is safe and comfortable during an unprecedented time when isolation is even more prevalent.”

- Kenneth Roberts, Chief Clinical Officer


Send text messages and share resources with your community. Record how you’re feeling in a couple taps to help you and your counselor learn more about your own recovery. Earn badges, listen to real life stories of recovery, and access up-to-date resources of all kinds.

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Connection truly is the opposite of addiction, but more importantly it can be an obstruction to addiction. Reaching clients, and giving clients an opportunity to reach out beyond their treatment and meetings is crucial. Enable your team to connect with clients virtually, offering support, and access to vital resources efficiently and comprehensively.

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“As part of our job at NUWAY, we are always looking for the most effective methods to support our clients throughout programming. Individuals can quickly gain access to their primary counselor, peer recovery support specialist, and peers in recovery for support through this recovery-based app. In addition, it allows for its users to get an idea of what beneficial resources are available to them within their community. What makes the Pathfinder Companion app valuable is that it allows for its users to have quick and efficient access to their community supports.”

- Erica Warffuel, MA, LADC, Co-Occurring Counselor
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