Connection is the Opposite of Addiction

Our aim is to meet folks in recovery where they are, and connect them with the community that is vital in their long term success. Pathfinder provides quick, easy and meaningful interaction with peers and treatment staff, allowing you to get your basic needs met at the touch of a button. Carefully curated content for folks in the recovery community, safe and protected lines of communication with others, fun and exciting features to inspire growth and stay engaged.  

“Face it til you make it! Pathfinder gives me more chances for a much needed reprieve, a much needed pause.”

- Michele, person in recovery


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Secure peer-to-peer chat. Send text messages and share resources with your community.
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Check Ins
In just a couple taps, record how you’re feeling. Share those thoughts with your counselor and track them yourself to learn more about your own recovery.
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Carefully curated to specific regions & updated consistently. Save and share resources ranging from local food shelves to free online classes, subsidized child care to financial coaching.
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Add virtual and on-location meetings to your app to help you stay organized.
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Healthy Habits
Build and follow a routine of healthy habits with the help of your counselor. Each day can be a challenge, but having a plan can get you off on the right foot.
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Honest stories from folks in your community. Watch, listen and read interviews as well as intimate accounts from brave folks living with addiction.
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